Damn Future You Scary…


The future is going to be real sweet, especially for you game freaks out there. You thought that Wii was the bomb, well think again. Check this out.

How cool was that? This is the future of gaming, this is Xbox 360 Project Natal. Imagine playing Winning Eleven on that console, finally something that is fun to do and lose the calories all at the same time. Controllers are going to be the thing of the past, in the very near future, your whole body is the remote control. But as you noticed, it is more than just games, you can communicate with your friends through the television, and not only that, you can even try on clothes digitally, so weird. Technology has change the way we communicate with each other. This new Xbox console is the future of “new communication technology” and a “computer mediated communication”. You can make new friends just by playing games with someone across the globe or just go to chatrooms and have some random chats with strangers face to face. The best thing about this, a person cannot lie that he is 16 years young when he is actually 61 years old, yes the world is going to be a safer place. There will not be any gender bending unless you physically alter yourself.

But lets say that you are not the friendly or social type of person. It is difficult for you to make “human” friends. Well there might be a solution to your problem. Let me introduce you to Milo.

Where is technology going with this? Are we really that bored communicating with real human beings that we have  to make friends with a computer generated adolescent? Maybe when I feel the need to have a drink and none of my friends are free, I could rely on Milo, and lets see who gets tipsy first. I know that this new technology is really cool, awesome and seriously way ahead of its time, but it is also quite scary. Just think about it, combining this technology with pornography. It is going to be a whole new experience altogether.

And hopefully Milo does not turn out to be like this.


Feeling Les Bleus…


Yes, I am blogging about the World Cup again. And how not to, it happens only once every four years, and this year’s World Cup is very different as teams like France, 1998 champions, and Italy, previous champions, were knocked out from the group stage. But let us just concentrate on the French team, Les Bleus, because the story to their dismissal from the World Cup in South Africa is ever so interesting. Here is an update for you and also which I think was the main reason for their air ticket from South Africa back to France.

 Their dramatic downfall started because of a squabble between player, Nicolas Anelka, and coach, Raymond Domenech, and in the end Anelka got kicked out of the French team as he did not want to apologize to Domenech. And in revolt to that decision, the rest of team staged a mutiny and did not train.  This domestic incident appeared only in the French media , but soon, the rest of the world got a hold of the news and erupted to something huge. The agenda setting function is then used here, where the media repeated this news coverage over and over again. The media showed how the players and the coach were not cooperating with each another and eventually leading to their demise by losing to South Africa 2-1.

The French team were totally humiliated for the world to see after that poor performance. Even the French press were criticising them severely, mostly stating on the front page that they were happy that France is out of the tournament and the humiliation is over. The French team returned home with their head held low without expecting a hero’s welcome. They also realized that the protest they threw against training created a negative impression on the public because of how the media put it across. Therefore, star players such as Thierry Henry and Patrice Evra had to give interviews and a public apology for the mutiny. Evra said that the players wanted to show solidarity with Anelka, that is why they stated the protest and they concluded by saying that the future will be better for France. The purpose for all these was to win back the support of the people and not to give up on them in their next national appearance.

I find it interesting that how the media can influence the people and turn an internal dispute into something so major until it is necessary for a public apology. I think if the media did not get involved with the tirade between the Anelka and Domenech, and let them settle among themselves, Les Bleus might have a chance to go through the next round, I repeat, “might” have a chance.

Viva La Brazil!


That is why a 10 goes for a 5…!

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I recently caught the movie She’s Out Of My League. It is romantic comedy and the cast are not any famous stars. It is almost like a budget movie. But it was still fairly entertaining. For those who never heard about this movie, here is the trailer.

Not bad right? So for those who plans to watch this movie and do not want me to spoil it, go watch the movie then come back and read this post.

The slogan on the posters is “How can a 10 go for a 5?” The numbers refer to the level of hotness. 5  for, Kirk, the guy and 10, Molly, the hot chick. You could use the Mark Knapp model of relation development of coming together on this movie. Kirk is obviously attracted to Molly’s physical appearance, and that is how he started to form the relationship with her as physical appearances have a big impact in the early stages of a relationship. But for Molly’s case, she is going into a relationship with him because Kirk is very different from the other guys she dated, and different meaning that he is not physically appealing. Another reason is that she wants a relationship with a guy who is a 5 because she feels safe and secure, meaning that she knows that Kirk will not cheat on her because she is such a good catch. Therefore, there is an exchange of relational benefits and that is how they initiated the relationship. So Kirk has to find out how to make this unlikely relationship work, even though he is the first to admit that Molly is beyond him.

They went onto experimenting. They were on a double date watching a hockey match. They had small talks here and there, getting to know and being comfortable with one another. Then they move quickly into intensifying, they went out for a dinner together, and Molly was the one who asked him. During dinner, they start to share more information about themselves to one another that the other person is unlikely to know. After dinner he sent her home and they made out in the car, sealing the deal that are a couple. And they also quickly went on to the next stage, which is integrating. Kirk introduced Molly to his social network, which is his family, letting them know that they are a couple, and vice versa, but Kirk made a really weird first impression for Molly’s parents.

At this stage, the couple is at relational maintenance process. As their relationship progresses, they the had one major argument when they are about to make love. They started to share about each other true feelings of why they are together. Kirk has a low self-esteem and that he does not deserve to have Molly who is a 10, and Molly told Kirk that she was dating him because he was safe and guys like Kirk will not hurt her by cheating on her, therefore Kirk took it as she was just using him. That conflict resolution was a dysfunctional one and because of that they broke up and avoided each other. They went back to their own lives and doing their own stuff. But in the end they regretted what they said to each other, and as how most romantic movies are, they resolve their differences and got back together.

For this movie, I think that the relationship that the couples had reinforces the dynamic properties of human interaction. Even though Kirk was being used by Molly, down the road she really got to know him better through communication and knew that he was the guy for her. As for Kirk, the impact of Molly’s physical appearance diminishes as the relationship progresses, so what is left are her character and personality, and that is what Kirk appreciates. Basically, it is not the outside but the inside that counts.

Football… A Beautiful Story Without Words…


It has finally arrive, the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Everybody everywhere is talking about it, my family members, friends, schoolmates, and even the taxi driver that chauffeured me today. It constantly appears in the headlines of almost every newspaper. Football fever has officially hit the nation. I have been watching every single match since it started on Friday night. Most of the games were intense, bringing me to the edge of my seat. Except for the match, Uruguay against France, which was goalless and a complete waste of my time. All players try their best to perform for their country in the World Cup, but behind every brilliant team, there is a brilliant coach. Without that man, there will be no strategy, everybody will be playing solo, and not working for the common goal.

Take Diego Maradona for example. An Argentinian who led his country to victory in the 1986 World Cup, is currently the coach of the Argentina football team. Recently, the country won against Nigeria 1-0, because of the skilled players and of course the managerial skills of Maradona. During the match, it was almost impossible for the coach to verbally communicate to his players. Especially for this World Cup, where the spectators keep blowing on their vuvezelas (a trumpet-like instrument) which makes a hell of noise.  Therefore, Maradona uses nonverbal communication to instruct his players. The players then have to listen with their eyes. Maradona communicated to his team through gestures, body language (Kinesics), facial expression and eye contact (Oculesics). All these are essential, in order to convey his message across. Nonverbal communication is the single most powerful form of communication. More than voice or words, nonverbal communication cues you into what is on another person’s mind.


So for those people who think football is just an ordinary game where 22 players just kick the ball around the field, well think again. It is actually more tactical than you think. The players must know what are their team mates are going to do next just by reading their body language, whether they are going to pass or shoot for the goal. In a football match, you just do not know what is going to happen next. It is indeed a beautiful game.

A Flash Mob in Singapore…?!

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Just a few days ago, when my friends and I were still sober, we were just talking about flash mobs (a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place and perform an unusual act for a brief time then quickly disperse) that we have watched on YouTube that has been happening around the world. But never would I have dreamt that it will ever happen on this tiny tropical island and at such a grand scale like this one.

No better place to showcase Singapore’s talent to the world than in Singapore Changi Airport. Where thousands of tourists coming in and out of the country. More than 400 dancers coming from all over Singapore, ages ranging from 10 to 75 years. This performance was a kick off to Changi Airport’s “Be a Changi shopping millionaire” promotion. Where you shop at the airport and you might just get lucky to win yourself a million bucks. So girls, now you have an excuse to go on a shopping spree.

At the start of video there is lady shouting frantically that she has won something (I am assuming the million dollars). She runs to random people and screaming at them about her pseudo win. Some were even trying to avoid her. People around the vicinity were wondering who or what was making that glass shattering noise. And when they realise it was this lady, the tourists gave a priceless expression on their faces and they must be thinking, ” is she insane?”, “what’s her problem?” or “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Finally she runs to this couple of guys, informing them about how “lucky” she was and they decided to celebrate for her. One gentleman coincidentally was carrying drumsticks with him and then played a rhythm on the trolley handle bars, while the other guy just clapped along. You and I know that they are just part of the performance, but the people there, at that point of time, did not. They must have thought that the insane lady has spread her craziness to the two men and now there are three people desperately seeking for attention. All of a sudden, rows of people are appearing and playing beats on all types of drums, creating a huge commotion. Only then, people start to realise and change their perspective on what is really going on. Soon, more and more people start to gather round so that they can get a better glimpse of this rare performance.

The flash mob’s performance was definitely entertaining. Especially when the bald, moustache man(2:51 min) started to shake his money-maker. I immediately burst out laughing when he started to groove to the beat. Never in a million years would I ever guess, that the “uncle” had such a talent. It is funny how we assume people for who they are, just by appearances.

To conclude, I would just like to say that I am really impressed with the dancers. You guys really put Singapore on the map after what you guys have done. So go spread the word, let your friends know about this awesome video. And remember to inform them, “not to judge the book by its cover”.

World Cup… Is it worth paying for…?


Less than two weeks before FIFA World Cup fever hits the nation and I am all geared up for it. But a few months ago, I was wondering whether I could even get to watch it on television at all as the two major cable-television providers, Starhub and Singtel, were jointly contesting to screen the matches in Singapore. Finally coming to an agreement, both companies will be screening the live matches and at the same exorbitant prices. The early bird price offered to the subscribers, valid til 31st May, is SGD70.62 and the late runners are offered at SGD94.16. Comparing to our neighbouring country, Malaysia’s Astro All Asia Networks will not charge their existing customers, but those who sign up will have to pay MYR66.95, which is only SGD28.94, a month for at least 12 months. The Singapore economy is just getting back on its feet, and people are generally still cautious about spending. With these high prices, it is definitely changing  how I would be watching this year’s World Cup.

Four years ago, for the FIFA World Cup 2006, Starhub charged the viewers only $10.50 for the early birds. The price has increased 7 times the amount since then. Some bars and pubs that often screen live football matches, decided not to subscribe as it is too costly or they will not make a profit from it.

There is even a group on Facebook to mass boycott Starhub and Singtel overpriced World Cup package. The group page is an avenue where people can vent their frustrations and anger towards the price hike. People who join the group, all 26,300 and counting, all agree that they will not be subscribing to any World Cup packages provided by the two cable-television providers. They are also planning to go to the Speakers Corner on the 5th June so that their voices would be heard. It is very interesting how this controversy brings people together who share the same opinion. Football really does bring people together after all.

Therefore, if you have the cash to subscribe, then good for you, because nothing beats watching a match at your own home where you can kick back and relax with your favourite beverage in one hand and the controller in the other. But if you do not, there are a few options for you so that you are still able to catch the World Cup matches.

Gate Crashing
Find people who you know that subscribed for it and crash at their place.

Online Streaming
You can watch the live matches online for free.

Catch the live matches from your nearest McDonald’s. Where you can have a bite at the same time.

As they saying goes, “if there’s a will there’s a way”. No matter if you are willing to pay for the subscription or finding a cheaper alternative. The World Cup will be bring football fanatics together.

And let the football fever begin!